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Redwood Shakes

Redwood Shakes

Redwood shingles & shakes-Pacific Redwood Products LLC

A brief overview of our best-selling products. We carry a large assortment of styles and can custom cut or match historical and existing shingles and shakes.

Redwood Shakes

For superior weather protection and a warm, rustic aesthetic, redwood shakes are a traditional and historical roofing and siding material. While shingles are sawn, shakes are typically hand split on one or both sides depending which shake. Until modern times shakes were the most important roofing and siding materials where wood was found. Their longevity is unsurpassed and the rustic charm they lend is unparalleled.

Most popular Redwood Shakes:

Hand Split Barn Shake: Only the finest and straightest grain redwood is used for a traditional hand split tight grain barn shake. Hand split on both sides on natural grain of wood. Ideal for roofing material and wonderful for siding. Perfect for a new build or restoration. Luxurious and long lasting- we take barn shake off of barns that are in perfect condition even after 50 years! 36″, 24″ and 18″ available lengths.

Hollywood (or Imperial) Shakes: A 24″ Hand split and resawn shake, meaning handsplit on one side with a sawn side. Irregular texture is a beautiful look on roofs and sidewall. Very popular Craftsman look. Three sizes: Medium 1/2″ butt, Heavy 3/4″-1″ butt, Jumbo anything over 1″ butt.

Tapersawn Shakes: These are a hybrid of a split shake and a sawn shingle. They are sawn on both sides but thicker than a shingle and lend a smooth textured look to your project with a gorgeous shadow line from the thicker butt. Our most popular size is 24″.

Old Growth Handsplit Redwood Barnshakes on a gorgeous building.

Old Growth Handsplit Redwood Barnshakes- a historic siding


Old Growth Barn Shake Redwood Siding wwm

Hand split barnshake, a warm, natural look to a home, classic.

Old Growth Handsplit Barn Shake Roof

Old Growth Salvaged Handsplit Hollywood Barn Shake Roof

Gorgeous traditional Sawn Barnshake on a home in Carmel-By-the-Sea













Tapersawn Shakes (these are cedar shakes…we can get these too!)