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Our Redwood Products

Redwood Shingles

Redwood Shingles Redwood shingles are sawn wood tiles with smooth back and front sides used for roof and walls. There are three sizes of shingles-16” (406mm) called FiveX shingles, 18” (457mm) called Perfection shingles and…
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Redwood Shakes

Redwood Shakes For superior weather protection and a warm, rustic aesthetic, redwood shakes are a traditional and historical roofing and siding material. While shingles are sawn, shakes are typically hand split on one or both…
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Redwood Slabs

  A selection of Old Growth salvaged redwood slabs           Redwood slabs make gorgeous tabletops and countertops. Please call with any inquiries. We have beautiful slabs available. 1-800-423-2205      …
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Redwood Lumber

**Click Slideshow Thumbnails to Enter Gallery** Redwood Lumber Our wood is ecologically salvaged old growth dense grain, clear all heart redwood. Custom cutting of full dimensional redwood. Clear vertical grain old growth redwood timbers        

Split Products

Split Products Pacific Redwood Products carries a variety of split eco-salvaged old growth redwood products. We can accommodate special orders so let us know what you need! 1-800-423-2205 Split posts- Typically 4″x5″ or 5″x5″ posts…
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