Manufactured in USA

Guilt Free Wood

Guilt free wood for your roofing, siding and fencing materials is doing the right thing for our forests and for future generations. Not only is wood is a renewable resource, we make sure we don’t use any fresh cut trees for our shingles & shakes; we only use chunks of wood that had been cut long ago and left aging on the ground or as stumps.

We work in harmony with forest systems by using wood from dead or diseased trees, & salvaging past timber operations.

Primary causes for the demise of trees harvested for Guilt Free Wood include:

  • Harsh conditions in the north cause many trees to become 
hollow-butted. This condition can continue up the trunk, 
eventually killing the tree. These trees are in a stage of
 deterioration or dying.
  • Natural wind blows and extreme winds actually blow over
giant trees whose roots have been loosened by winter rains.
  • Dead stumps and salvage left by prior logging operations.
  • Forest fires run through forests leaving dead standing timber.

Guilt Free Wood Pacific Redwood Products LLC